Studio Total Entertainment is situated in the archipelago of Åland, more exactly in Kumlinge. The calm and quiet environment can thus boost your creativity. On Kumlinge you have possibility to experience nature, e.g. by fishing, bathing and nature walks when you need a break from work.

Åland and Kumlinge are easily accessable from Sweden and Finland by frequent ferry traffic.

The Studio

What can Total Entertainment offer you? Well, a studio with seaview, the latest recording technique and studiotechnical know-how. This studio is aimed for single musicians or small groups of 3-4 persons. The aim of the studio is to be able to make recordings of highest sound quality.

The equipment

Recording: Roland VS2480 is used for recording, mixing and mastring (24 bit/96kHz). Recording is possible thru 16 inputs simultaneously, as well as 24 tracks listening. Monitors used are Roland DS90 (digital). Besides all the above mentioned, a Roland VS1680 is used as a mobile unit.

Microphones: Microphones are among the most important tools in a studio. Thus, only microphones of highest quality are being used. AKG Solidtube is aimed for vocal recordings (condenser tube mic), or if needed, a dynamic SM7. Samson C01 (condenser) are being used for particularly instruments.

Drums: When miking drums AKG D440 is being used for snare and floor tom. SM57 is being used for the other toms. Line Compact Mic System (condenser, stereo) is being used for miking cymbals where each cymbal is miked separately. Alternatively two Samson C01´s can be used for overhead. Bassdrum can be miked with an Electrovoice PL20 which gives an excellent sound.

Instruments: Available are a Gibson Les Paul Standard and a Fender Telecaster (USA). Amplifier used is a Marshall TSL 60 (tube) with a speaker cabinet of four twelve inchers. A Fender Deluxe tube amplifier is also available i the studio. A Fender country-western acoustic guitar is also available, as well as a Yamaha CG 151 S classical guitar. The bassguitar available is a Yamaha RBX460. No actual bassamplifier is available, but can be arranged if necessary. The Marshall amplifier can well be used for the bassguitar, alternatively be lined directly into the mixer with different effects added.

A Roland VR760 is used for the keyboard section. It´s easy to say that the 760 might have the most natural Hammond B3 or C3 sound among synthesizers. The piano sounds are as well scaringly similar to the ones of a real piano. Drums can be rented if needed, and these are also of highest quality: Tama Rockstar with 5 toms, double basspedals etc. Various percussion equipment is also available.



The philosophy of a recording in the studio of Total Entertainment is to record a natural sound. One way to amplify this impression is the use of tube technique which gives the sound a natural warmth. As mentioned earlier tube mics are being used for vocal recordings. In addition, tube preamps and a Behringer tube compressor/limiter is used.


Appr. 60 m from the studio there´s a cottage right on the seaside (2 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathroom). This cottage is winterized and has all conveniences.

The cost?

Depending on what should be done the fee is decided. Yet the prices are reasonable. Rent for the cottage depends on how many people stay there.

Other services

Total Entertainment provides CD printing service. Normal printing time from master CD to ready product is approximately two weeks. Thus Total Entertainment can provide everything from recording to CD ready for sale.

If you have questions or wish to book the studio, don´t hesitate to get in touch!

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