Torbjörn Engman welcomes you!

Torbjörn Engman is the founder of the studio Total Entertainment, but at the same time a musician. He started to play the guitar as a 12-year old in 1966, and was greatly influenced by the drastic musical changes in the 60´s. At the end of the 60´s and beginning of the 70´s he also played in both rock- and dancebands.

Music has always been a force and an inspiration for Engman, but not a priority until the beginning of the 90´s since studies, family and work took most of his time.

In the beginning of the 90´s, he formed a rock- and danceband together with some other guys – a band that toured quite a lot during the 90´s. This gave him the inspiration to pursue his teenage dream to make a record of his own music. He purchased a digital portable studio, and his debut CD “Me and my family” was released in 1999. The reviews were suprisingly positive, and inspired him to start working on his second CD.

In the fall of 2000 the second fullength CD “Fallen Leaves” was released. The critics were negative, but Engman still felt he was on the right track.


The third fullength CD “Livet på grynnan” was released in May 2002. This CD was totally in Swedish and about Åland. It recieved superb reviews, and in fact, the song “Åland, Åland” became a real summerhit on the Finnish radio. “Damen och lantisen” was also played a lot on the radio, even in Sweden.


I slutet av november At the end of November 2003 Engman released his first single “Ett ljus” which was a real Christmas song. The song was also played a lot on the radio.

In January 2005 Engman´s fourth fullength CD “Små ord” was released. The first track on this CD – “Näktergalen”- has been played a lot on different radiostations.

In June 2006 Engman released his second single “En kväll på krogen” which except the title track contains the ballad “Med en längtan”. This ballad has also become kind of a radiohit. The single ”En kväll på krogen” was also for a while among the the newcomers on Sweden´s Pop i Topp – chart. In addition, "En kväll på krogen" participated in the Global Alternative Song Contest in 2008 where England and Denmark gave full points.

"Om dig" is Torbjörn Engman´s fifth and latest fullength cd which was released in April 2009. His wide music taste is represented by rock, pop, blues and pure folkmusic. The Swedish folksinger Susanne Alfvengren is participating on this cd as well as the Estonian female singer Siret Tuula.

This cd has raised a lot of attention both in Finland and Sweden. The titlesong "Om dig" stayed on the Swedish Pop i topp-chart for 30 weeks, rating 2 nd at its best. The song "Sommarhamn" was Radio Vega`s tenth most played song during 2009 on this Finnish national radio station. (Source: Radio Vega.)

These songs can also be listened to on

In May 2012, Engman released his sixth fullength cd, "Ett steg i det blå" which has raised a lot of attention through radio interwiews and -presentations. The title song has also been on the Finnish Vega-chart, and frequently been played on the radio both in Finland and in Sweden.

A few tracks from the new cd can be found here.

In May 2015, Engman released his best-of cd (2 cd) "En resa 1999-2014" containing a selection of songs from his production 1999-2014. On this cd you will also find Engmans first song of his own which was recorded in 1969.

Engman`s popularity as a live artist has continuosly increased, and he makes 50-60 concerts every year. He has also for several years toured together with the famous Swedish folksinger Susanne Alfvengren in the Swedish speaking parts of Finland. When Engman perfoms, he does it all on his own and with just an acoustic guitar. Despite the plain rock´n roll character of the songs on the CD´s, they are very melodical and can be easily performed with an acoustic guitar only. If wished, Engman can also perform together with his band. Musicians who have participated on Engman´s CD´s through the years, are among others Ronnie Svenblad, Hanski Ramström, Kaj Forss, Mats Perämaa, Jan Henriksson, Johan Karlsson, Kurt Lindbom, Emil Grövall, Siret Tuula and Susanne Alfvengren.


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